Will you get penalized for buying backlinks in 2017 ?

buying backlinksMost so called seo gurus tell you to not buy backlinks or google will penalize your site but they are also the ones who are buying backlinks and give you the bullshit story just to sell you an ebook for 15.99 $ a month.

Backlinks are still and always will be the backbone of seo rankings. Don’t get fooled by these so called seo gurus that give you that bullshit story about how content is king and buying backlink’s will penalize your site. YES buying thousands of cheap spam links from fiverr for 5 $ will get you penalized but buying from high quality companies that sell high quality links will always boost your site.

Google wants you to believe that if you buy links they will drop the hammer on your site and ruin it. Sure they would love to but only if they can catch you. If you buy crappy links then yeah you are going to get nailed. Why do you think these big sites get away with it? Because it looks natural! If there is a Travelocity link in a Huffington post story about travel then it looks perfectly legit.. The reality is the blogger or editor was slipped serious money to get that link in there – money talks, bullshit walks.

You need links.. You will always need links to rank. Content, onsite optimization, etc are all important parts of SEO but nothing will ever replace the importance of links. You have to be very smart when building links or if you hire a SEO company you want to make sure they know what they are doing and aren’t building links just for the sake of building a link to throw it into a report!

So no you will not be penalized if you buy quality and targeted baclinks.

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