How to create a wordpress blog with a domain

In this post you will find how to create a wordpress blog and how to use it. Creating a blog is one of the most useful skills to have and nowadays it doesn’t require any coding skills or learning any advanced skills. With a blog you can brand yourself or just get your thoughts out there. But it also may become a new monthly source of income. For more on how to make money with this checkout our other post on niche blogs that is a little more advanced and not for beginners:


Lets start to create a wordpress blog with a domain.

  1. Domain & Hosting

First you need to buy domain and hosting for your website.

Domain is the name of you website that the users will access by putting it in the navigation bar , for example our websites domain is :

Most hosting company’s charge you around 10 – 15 $ a year for domain and 5 – 10 $ a month but we can help you with that too.

BLUEHOST has a offer for 3.99 $ a month you can get hosting + free domain by registering with the link below. — CLICK HERE FOR THIS OFFER —

And the best part is you dont need to configure anything. Everything is setup by them all you need to do next is create your site with their installer.

2. Installing WordPress

In most cases the hardest part is installing the wordpress script where you have to download the script, upload it, create databases etc. But installing is easy on blue host just login to your cPanel and follow the video below (everything is done from their automated tools)  :

3. How to use wordpress

In the video below you will learn everything you need on how to use wordpress.

After all of these steps are done check out our seo posts to start getting people on your page from search engines like google and bing etc

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