How to Be Found on Search Engines

Not Getting Listed, Getting Found on Yahoo, Google, and Others

search enginesLet’s face it, whether you have a product or service for sale or if you just want attention chances are you want others to find you. With internet searches being the most popular internet activity online being found on the search engines can be a major task. After all odds are there are a half a million others offering the same product or service. The following tips will get you listed and found on the major search engines.

Search engines such as Yahoo and Google rule the internet and you will find hundreds of articles on how to ‘get listed’ on the major search engines. Don’t waste your time, if you have something on the internet the search engines will find it. The secret, task, goal, is to have your information on the first page of these search engine results. You can be sure if your web site or blog is on page ten of the results not a single person with a life is going to find you.

So, how can you be found on the search engines such as, MSN, AOL, and yes even Yahoo and Google? Time, effort, and determination to start with and the following five tips:

#1 Invest in your own domain. Yes, there are free web sites and free to use blogs but the truth is the search engines know they are free services and they don’t take you as serious as they would if you had your own domain. To get found on the search engines you may want to spend the $100 or so a year.

#2 Content is still king. We’ve heard it time and time again but in the case of being found on the internet ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is NOT true. Granted if you have the only picture in the world of the hottest topic on the internet you may be found but only if the name of the picture lets people searching know what you have.

#3 Keywords – your content may be great but for being found on the search engines you want your content to contain one to five keywords that relate to your product or service and are spread out through your content. That does not mean just stick them in helter-skelter they need to fit into your dialogue, make since while still being there.

#4 If you can’t write content worth beans hire it done for you. Including this author there are 100s of freelance writers who would for a small one time fee write your content for you. If you are a writer then you should learn the on-line technique of content writing for the search engines.

#5 Work on getting links back to your site. Big warning here, avoid the ‘link farms’ places that all they do is generate reciprocal (return, exchange) links. Quality search engines such as Yahoo will catch this and you won’t be found in the searches. The best links are ones from sites related to the topic of your own site or blog. 100 links from dog sites do no good for a cat site unless all of them are about how much dogs hate cats.

That’s it five tips for getting found on the search engines (eight if you count time, effort, and determination). Anyone can be found on the internet and by using these tips you can be listed on the first page of major search engines without paying anyone hundreds of dollars to do it.

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