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Is guest posting or guest blogging dead ? – 2017

guest bloggin deadFirst the simple and short answer is guest blogging dead ?  Guest blogging is not dead..  It will never die..

The guru shit fest crew will say that guest blogging links are trouble and they should all be no-followed. These are the same clowns that have never ranked a website. They are just preparing you for their next amazing $9.99 eBook.. but hurry there are only 3 more available at this price!

Take a look at the blogs of these market places that sell these guest post services. These are blogs that are built for only one thing: for adding native articles with a link in them.. they are not blogs that receive real traffic.. they don’t receive real social shares.. they are fake and are created for one purpose spamming guest posts.

If a Google rep landed on one of these blogs they could torch every site linked to them in minutes! If you are found on this public blog network your site is toast. Say good bye to all of your hard work and money spent.. You might as well delete the site and let the domain expire because it is worthless.

Guest posting on REAL websites will never lose value. You get great links on real sites that get real traffic. People see your site, they visit after clicking on your link and you get a nice SEO benefit from the link also!

Guest blogging on Super-Elite-Guru-SEO-Masters blog that hasn’t ever seen a real visitor = bad and useless. If you are found linking on here your site will be penalized and most likely banned from google searches.

Guest blogging on a site like Venture Beat = good. Very good.. You will get great SEO value and traffic from it.

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